Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye eye eyes!

Take a look at those eyes!!!  Do you feel like they are looking right through you?  They are the eyes of Gene Hunt as Sam Tyler on Britain's Life On Mars.  I loooooved that series.  The American one is/was good.  The end of the US series was verrrry interesting and to me, the writers way of tying everything up, so that all his visions made sense, was excellent.
Now, if I could make sense of my life (before the final 'wrap up') it would be soooo comforting.  However, life is not given to us so that we could be comfortable.
 Life in the womb is comfortable, warm, and very safe.  Although we are alive before sliding down that birth canal, we are not 'living our true life'.  Looking back, I seem to have a vague birth memory and even, I think, a pre-birth memory of being in my mom's womb.  There were troubled waters (as a child I couldn't put a name to the waters) all around me and I had to concentrate hard to calm them down.  I recall a  'boo-boom boom' sound all around me, and now I suppose that was the heartbeat of my mom.  As to the birth memory, I recall dreaming that I had to make myself very small to get through a very narrow opening,  and I could see some 'light' at the the end.  It was imperative that I get myself to the source of the light.
These were recurring dreams as a child and they have stayed with me.
So, now that I am old and gray, am I longing for the safe haven, or I should I be looking for the best expericences I can get before 'lights out'?  Stay tuned........there will be further updates!

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