Friday, July 18, 2014

Time Traveller

I had forgotten about this blog of mine.  As I read the posts I felt like a time traveller.  It's been Four Years!!! since I last posted.  So much has happened....Mom passed, just a few weeks shy of her 94th birthday, I sold my little house and moved in with friends in 2011 (they are more like family, really), my baby brother passed in April of this year, a few months shy of his 58th birthday.  This time traveller would like to go back in time when family was intact and give everyone a huuuuge hug and tell them I love them, apologize for any grief/sadness I caused.  Coming up to my 75th birthday and that would be my birthday-
blowing out the candles, wish to see them all again. The here and now is still good; can't complain about my life as I have good health, good family, good friends, good food (that is high on my the girth to prove it!), good times.  My New Year's resolution in January ....has 7 months gone by already?...was to never miss the chance to be any situation, with any living being I have contact with.   I believe I'm doing that.  Guess I should take a poll of everyone to see if that's true.  So, given that resolution would probably cover this neglected blog, I will be coming back here to enlighten/bore anyone who happens by.  Heck, if I can take up Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword Play, I can keep up with this blog, which is less of a commitment than those! ;p

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let Me Count The Ways

So, here it is, another Sunday (with very little sun) another week is on the way.  Damn, how did summer go by so fast? Yeah, I say that every year just like everone else.  Difference is, I'm thinking about my next birthday in October....#71!  My Mom will be 94, twenty days before my b'day.  She's not well and in hospital again and we all wonder why she keeps going as she is always in some pain.  It makes me wonder, even though my health right now is good, how many years before I get the point that it makes no sense to keep going on.  The family is always on the alert and everyone's life seems to revolve around whether Mom is going to bite the big one or go into hospital emergency one more time.  It's very tiring, draining, and ulitmately we are back to square one, playing the waiting game with Mom's condition.  We all want the best for her, not to be in pain, enjoy a meal, have a laugh, sing her little songs.  It just doesn't seem, at times, to be worth it.  Nevertheless, we keep soldiering on.  Love you to bits my little Mommy, from your Marlene xoxoxo

Friday, July 9, 2010

Who's In The Driver's Seat?

Those muffled screams may be mine!

Yes, who is in the driver's seat?  Somedays it feels like I'm driving with no brakes and a lead foot.  Other days I can't get the jalopy to turn over and start. And then....there are the days when it seems like the car is driving me and it's not letting me know where in the hell we are going.  A Magical Mystery Tour is this life of mine, I tells ya!
Time is marching on and I am dragging my feet trying to slow it down.  I have to keep reminding myself that I can't do what I used to do and not  feel tired or sore, or both.  The house, the garden, the lawns all need to be worked on, but geeeezlooweezze it takes a lot outta this ol' lady!  I should sell the house and go live somewhere that has it all covered.  However, at this point inertia is taking over.........for now.  Well, there's always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, and......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time...Where Does It Go?

Where does the time go?  It's a couple of months since my last post and now it's almost Spring.  As an excuse I can use the fact that my house has occupied a lot of my head space. 
I now know more about mold than I ever wanted to.  Here's some advice for when anyone wants to put flooring in a basement.  Make sure that the underlay does not trap moisture, due to cold air meeting warm air, from the cement floor under the underlay.  Choose an underlay that allows some air space so that the cold air coming up from the cement can dissipate.  There are some dangerous molds out there that can do irreversable damage to your health.  Also, check out the contractor's credentials to make sure their qualificaions are up to date  by looking at his paperwork, and I recommend that he/she should be getting recertified every 3 years.  You will pay a little more, but it's worth it when your health is involved.  So, my beautiful laminate flooring is no more and now I will be putting tile in the bathroom, and leaving the family room with a bare floor as I will be putting the house up for sale this year.  I had planned to do this last year and now it looks like it's time to go forward with the sale.  I love the house, but it's been getting too big for me to take care of.  Spring is in the air, which brings new life, new plans, new me!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Just Doooo IT!!!!

  • New Year, New Resolutions!  This will be the "Year of Doing Right By Myself".  That is, I will fulfill all the self-made promises to do better.  No more living by accident.  I will live on Purpose.  That's all I got for today.  Take care out there, there might be lions and tigers and bears, oh my! :o)

Monday, December 28, 2009

How Do You Like Me Now?

Some time has passed since my last post here.  All the busyness of the season and various other excuses. 
My intention for this blog was that it be the divulging of, and perhaps some answers to, the questions and thoughts of a woman who has "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and used it for a duster".

Age has its 'dis' and 'ad' vantages.  I'm trying to sort them out.  I'm in what is now called my Senior Years.  In other words Ima Old Lady.  I don't feel old most of the time.  My body does rebel at the thought of extreme physical activities.  That could be because I find myself in a "Sedentary State of Mind".  That could be remedied with the exercise routine I keep threatening myself with.  A new year is on the horizon, and the ol' resolutin' time is rearing its evil smiling Joker head.  "How do ya like me now?" 

Age = Wisdom
Wisdom =  The Answer to Life
The Answer to Life= 42 (The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy)
So, I will be open to questions, consider my answer and perhaps arrive at the Ultimate Answer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ho Hum, Ho Hum, I'm a Lazy Bum!

"Ho hum" describes my life right now.  I need to get my energy back, my Joie de Vivre, my Raison d'etre, my Butt offa da couch!  Well, a long journey starts with the first step, sooooo, I'm in the process of walking on the Rebounder for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. 
So much of life is not in our control.  However, the decision to get some exercise is in my control.  Here gooooooes!