Monday, December 28, 2009

How Do You Like Me Now?

Some time has passed since my last post here.  All the busyness of the season and various other excuses. 
My intention for this blog was that it be the divulging of, and perhaps some answers to, the questions and thoughts of a woman who has "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and used it for a duster".

Age has its 'dis' and 'ad' vantages.  I'm trying to sort them out.  I'm in what is now called my Senior Years.  In other words Ima Old Lady.  I don't feel old most of the time.  My body does rebel at the thought of extreme physical activities.  That could be because I find myself in a "Sedentary State of Mind".  That could be remedied with the exercise routine I keep threatening myself with.  A new year is on the horizon, and the ol' resolutin' time is rearing its evil smiling Joker head.  "How do ya like me now?" 

Age = Wisdom
Wisdom =  The Answer to Life
The Answer to Life= 42 (The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy)
So, I will be open to questions, consider my answer and perhaps arrive at the Ultimate Answer.


  1. this!!
    I love the graphic a LOT!!!
    Age = Wisdom. Hmmm. I must be BEYOND genius. :))
    Question: How does one keep one's sense of humor in today's world...sigh.
    I found it easier to be happier when I was younger. Was it because I was naive?
    I'm thinking that is so...whaddya think?

  2. Hi Jackie. Just getting around to checkng out my blogs today. I think, yes, it seemed easier when we were callow youths to be "happy". I put happy in quotes because, in my opinion our happiness needs were prescribed by our knowledge of the world. We lived in the moment and that is okay, except as we get older we should realize that there are degrees of happy, degrees of sad, degrees of everything. "All or Nothing at All" is okay for a song title; just doesn't work in real life. Lately, when my brain gets to remeniscing and the memories start to make sad or long for the past, I pull myself up short and say out loud (if I'm alone of course) "this is not good for me and I'm letting it go". Then go and do something physical to counter that brain-drain. I received a fridge magnet years ago that says "Bloom where you are planted". I say it to myself over and over. Doesn't always work, but works enough. Stay healthy, strive to be happy. <3 Mar