Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let Me Count The Ways

So, here it is, another Sunday (with very little sun) another week is on the way.  Damn, how did summer go by so fast? Yeah, I say that every year just like everone else.  Difference is, I'm thinking about my next birthday in October....#71!  My Mom will be 94, twenty days before my b'day.  She's not well and in hospital again and we all wonder why she keeps going as she is always in some pain.  It makes me wonder, even though my health right now is good, how many years before I get the point that it makes no sense to keep going on.  The family is always on the alert and everyone's life seems to revolve around whether Mom is going to bite the big one or go into hospital emergency one more time.  It's very tiring, draining, and ulitmately we are back to square one, playing the waiting game with Mom's condition.  We all want the best for her, not to be in pain, enjoy a meal, have a laugh, sing her little songs.  It just doesn't seem, at times, to be worth it.  Nevertheless, we keep soldiering on.  Love you to bits my little Mommy, from your Marlene xoxoxo