Friday, July 18, 2014

Time Traveller

I had forgotten about this blog of mine.  As I read the posts I felt like a time traveller.  It's been Four Years!!! since I last posted.  So much has happened....Mom passed, just a few weeks shy of her 94th birthday, I sold my little house and moved in with friends in 2011 (they are more like family, really), my baby brother passed in April of this year, a few months shy of his 58th birthday.  This time traveller would like to go back in time when family was intact and give everyone a huuuuge hug and tell them I love them, apologize for any grief/sadness I caused.  Coming up to my 75th birthday and that would be my birthday-
blowing out the candles, wish to see them all again. The here and now is still good; can't complain about my life as I have good health, good family, good friends, good food (that is high on my the girth to prove it!), good times.  My New Year's resolution in January ....has 7 months gone by already?...was to never miss the chance to be any situation, with any living being I have contact with.   I believe I'm doing that.  Guess I should take a poll of everyone to see if that's true.  So, given that resolution would probably cover this neglected blog, I will be coming back here to enlighten/bore anyone who happens by.  Heck, if I can take up Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword Play, I can keep up with this blog, which is less of a commitment than those! ;p